Poll Collection – Your Opinion Counts Here

Here is my collection of ongoing polls.

Poll #1. What is the most profitable business strategy for unfilled Welding Engineering positions?

Anyone in a job listed in the poll can vote.  Please mark two:  1) your opinion of the most profitable strategy, and  2) your job/role.

Poll #2.  What are the Top 2 biggest obstacles to welding excellence in American manufacturing, in the facilities you are personally familiar with?

Pick the top two obstacles. (Qualified voting: Please, only vote if you are functionally experienced and/or titled and/or degreed as a welding or materials joining engineer, and have at least a Bachelor of Science degree in an Engineering discipline.  Everyone else, feel free to view the results.)

If you have a suggestion for a polls you’d like to see, please tell us in the comments.  (The first time you post a comment on my site, I will have to approve it before you or others can see it. This keeps out spammers and “link-trolls”.  Once you’re approved with your first comment, your following comments will all appear immediately.)

Brian Dobben

One Response to Poll Collection – Your Opinion Counts Here

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